1:1 Wellness Consultations

This 1:1 offering is where you are able to get crystal clear on your health + wellness priorities. We will help you create an easy to implement, plan of action aligned with what is most important and beneficial for you and your loved ones, focusing on the use of plant based goodness; essential oils and how they can be integrated into your daily life with simplicity.

And once you have opened your own wellness wholesale account you also receive follow up wellness sessions for free.

You will also receive various resources, tips and tricks so you truly feel that you are in the drivers seat with your essential oil journey and managing your health + wellness naturally and with ease.

Education Inspiration Gathering

There are always plenty of opportunities for you to learn how to set up your own wellness subscription and learn how to use your essential oils ongoing. So, no matter if you're already using doTERRA essential oils, or you are yet to dip your toe in the water, there is no better way to get started than with a group of friends.

Connection and community are powerful and we love facilitating get togethers for you, in a way that feels comfortable and wonderful for you and your people.

If you’d like to gather a group of your nearest and dearest friends and family or colleagues, we will come and teach you all you need to know. These gatherings are collaborative and tailored to you - so if you’d love to hang out in the park, we’ll bring our SPF (toxic free of course) and we’ll see you there. Or perhaps an intimate afternoon tea in your home, then we will be there with bliss balls and tea and cannot wait to teach you and your friends whilst sharing a cup of tea and breaking a biscuit. Whatever you style is, we are with you and love making this feel wonderful for and with you.

We can also do this online too. That’s always a lot of fun, think comfy clothes, everyone rocking their top knots and pants are optional. Ha!

All you need to do is invite your people and get some snacks ready, and we’ll do the rest. 

Wellness Subscription

Here are WomanKind we are passionate about creating mentally happy and physically healthy homes all over the world.

So, get in touch already and we can chat through our range of options including the wellness consultations mentioned above and setting up your very own monthly wellness boxes which is delivered right to your door.

And we will talk and walk you through setting up your ongoing wellness subscription, where you are able to personalise your wellness box each month. They are fully customisable and you choose what is in your wellness box each month, we know your needs change from month to month so your wellness subscription should too right! We’ve got you covered!

You will never be left on your own wondering what to do with these pretty little bottles, you will receive emails, a welcome booklet full to the brim with info, inspo and all you’ll need to get started and keep on keepin’ on.

And you’ll be part of our thriving online and in person community. WomanKind brings backbone and substance to the term ‘sisterhood’ we are like no other, and we cannot wait to have you with us.

To learn more about our wellness programs and services, or to customise a plan specific to you and your family, simply contact us. We are looking forward to connecting with you.


Ongoing support + guidance + mentoring

No matter whether you are a customer who loves the oils and living a low tox and natural lifestyle or if you see and feel that call and a somethin somethin to diving into the business - we are with you.

Everyone is looked after here.

Starting your DoTERRA business will put in motion a life you never thought possible - it has done this for all of us. And it can do it for you too. Yep, a beautiful, abundant business that is as sustainable as it is fun and will improve the lives and enhance the quality of wellness for not only your loved ones but the hundreds and thousands of people your business will ripple out too.

There is ongoing essential oil support in the form of a comprehensive Welcome Booklet that truly arms you with everything you need to get started, you will also receive a little something in the old snail mail from Jo, a personalised little something carefully chosen just for you.

There is an informative email series delivered directly to you to keep the inspiration and diffuser blends flowing. In the facebook groups, there are regular wellness sessions and q+a time as well as more resources, tips and tricks being shared all the time. And in person get togethers, where we can gather like the crazy essential oil peeps we are and dive into natural health and wellness, connect and make sure you are getting the most out of your investment.

And if the biz tickles your fancy, there is all of the above and a WomanKind Leaders group, where we have monthly biz jams and biz mentoring sessions, and you have the opportunity to work with leaders 1:1 that you would not be able too otherwise, either at all or on a long waitlist.

Here at WomanKind we help you tailor this business to you, your goals, dreams and visions and do it in a way that really let’s you be YOU. Nothing more, nothing less.

So, if you’d love to be part of a collaborative and like-minded team of people who are changing the way people think about health, wellness, work, income and so much more - then please reach out to Jo and her team and let’s chat. There is space for you to come exactly as you are.

And just so you know, we totally dig weird around here * eyewink *


womankind welcome book

This will be winging its way to you when you set up your

very own Wholesale Wellness Account.