What is the best way to get started?

Okay, let’s talk about how you can get started on this oily magic carpet ride shall we.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to do that. I recommend starting with the Nature's Solution or Home Essentials Kit (these kits are great value and best bang for your buck and will cover off the greatest amount of your family's wants and needs)

natures solution kit.png


AromaTouch: Massage blend - assists the body in calming, relaxing and releasing physical tension.

Citrus Bliss: Invigorating blend - acts as a powerful 'firestarter' and inspires creativity.

DigestZen: Digestive blend - promotes healthy DigestZen, settles heartburn, bloatedness, cramping and nausea.

Easy Air: Respiratory blend, clears airways, great support for asthmatics, energising + opening.

Frankincense: Fights inflammation, incredibly beautifying and anti-ageing for the skin, promotes cellular regeneration.

Lavender: Calming to the nervous system, soothes irritated skin, promotes restful sleep.

Lavender Peace: Restful blend - has a calming and relaxing aroma, and is a perfectly balanced, tranquil blend.

Lemon: Detoxifying, no-tox cleaner, purifies air, great for focus, delicious in salad dressings and in your water.

Lemongrass: Is clarifying and toning when applied to the skin, and is frequently used to flavour Asian cuisine

OnGuard: Protective blend - wards off bacteria, protects the immune system and loads the body with antioxidants.

Ice Blue: Apply topically for muscle and joint pain.

Oregano: Nature’s antibiotic!

Peppermint: Cools body temperature, energising, settles an upset tummy.

Purify: Refreshing blend - diffuse to clear and freshen the air.

Smart & Sassy: Active blend - a great companion to a healthy eating and exercise program.

Tea Tree: Great for bites and stings, blemishes and can be used as an insect repellant.


Fractionated Coconut Oil for safe dilution of your oils

OnGuard Foaming Handwash with two dispensers so you’re ready to go

OnGuard Cleansing Toothpaste no nasties and an excellent staple for your household

OnGuard Beadlets immunity in a little round ball

Ice Blue Rub for sore + achy muscles and joints

Correct X this is your all rounder, does everything, never leave home without it

Easy Air Vapour Stick no nasties and a must for winter and your tox free First Aid Kit

Wooden Box to house your new oils

Petal Diffuser so you can get diffusing straight away. This one is a need, not a want. ;)

And of course you don’t just get the oils, you get us, too!


  • Welcome email with a gorgeous PDF outlining the basics on how to get started.

  • 150 Uses For Your Kit PDF

  • 1:1 Wellness Consultation with founder Jo Kendall. She’ll make sure you have the oils you need and that you’re getting the most of your wellness membership.

  • A comprehensive and beautiful WomanKind Welcome Book

  • Updated emails from us about how we’re using the oils, what's happening in our community, and other bits and pieces we know you’ll love.

  • Access to our Facebook groups, The WomanKind Philosophy + The Essential Oils Starters, where leaders in our community share their experience with the oils on the daily and you get access to work with Jo and other leaders in an intimate and relaxed setting.

  • And of course, if ever you’re interested in exploring the business opportunity, just walk this way to learn more.

Now, before we go any further, I need to explain that if you already have a doTERRA account, you will be unable to open one with me. This is doTERRA’s policy and I loyally stand behind it. Also, please do not set up an account under your spouse's name if you already hold an account - that will be counted as a duplicate account. In doTERRA we honour the source from which you were first educated about these oils so please head back to the person who introduced you and let them enrol you, they’ll be stoked to do that. If, on the other hand, you’re brand new to all this, read on, and let’s get your parcel in the postie’s hands and on it’s to you.

Next up, let’s decide where you’d love to start and what feels really good for you. CLICK below to see what’s AVAILABLE FOR YOU:

United States / Canada / Australia / New Zealand / Europe / Hong Kong / Japan



  • Click this link: https://www.mydoterra.com/jokendall/

  • Click Join & Save

  • Choose the country and language that's appropriate for you

  • Choose Wholesale Customer

  • Please DO NOT enrol as a Wellness Advocate - this is important. If you ever want to upgrade, you can, but I ask that we have a conversation about this first. This ensures I can support you as best as possible. I repeat: Please do not enrol as a Wellness Advocate OR upgrade without having a conversation without me first.

  • Enter your personal information. There is no need to include your tax information if you’re not intending of sharing the oils with your friends and family.

  • At *Enroller id*, enter my number: 1842869

  • Then click verify (it should then show you my name - Jo Kendall)

  • Allocate yourself a password

  • Click over to the next page

  • Select what kit you'd like to order. If you just want to start with a couple of oils instead of a kit, start typing the name of the oil in the box and it will appear for you to select it. Be sure to select the $35 introductory packet if you're not enrolling with a kit. Purchasing a kit waives this enrolment fee.

  • Enter your Credit Card details and process your order.

Once your payment processes, doTERRA notify Jo and she will be in touch to welcome you officially. And also to invite you to schedule your Lifestyle Overview with her, which is super fun and will get you orientated with your essential oil lifestyle, and we can delve further into your long-term vision for your wellness, and how essential oils can support you.

Of course, if you just know there are some products you'd love to order next month in your wellness box, you're welcome to add them to your cart in readiness for your overview.

Need some ideas for your second order - Let us introduce you to some inspo for your monthly wellness box + subscription (aka your new best friend)

These are a few of our faves…. you will receive a full and detailed list upon opening your wellness account. For now, see if one these tickles your fancy to get started and have ready to go for yourself for next month:


Wellness box inspo

GODDESS BOX: Salubelle, Patchouli, Clary Calm, Bergamot, Rose Hand Cream +Fractionated Coconut Oil

HAPPY HORMONES: Clary Calm, Geranium, Manuka Honey + Fractionated Coconut Oil

FAMILY BOX 1: Shampoo + Conditioner + Hair Serum + Toothpaste + Deep Blue + Body Wash + Lip Balm trio

HIGHVIBE HONEY: Rose Touch, Manuka Touch, Grapefruit, Jasmine + Passion

And if it’s just a few oils you’d like, well then why not add in PastTense or Ice Blue (for neck and shoulder tension), InTune (focus blend), Smart N Sassy (metabolic blend - bye bye sugar cravings!), Clarycalm (monthly blend for women), and you can't go past the Emotional Aromatherapy oils - they are some of our absolute faves!!

Of course, feel free to select 'No', and we can run you through this later easy peasy and let us know if you have any questions, big or small, ask away honey.

Jo will be in touch with you as soon as she see’s your order process.

We can’t wait to have you with us and share this with you and support you. Hand on heart, thank you for being with us.

Love Jo + all of team WomanKind X x

Jo Kendall