Deciphering Essential Oil Lingo

Your easy doTERRA language reference guide (Bookmark this page!)

Don’t know your PV from your LRP? Wondering what a POM is? A little intimidated by SRP?

(And kinda wondering how on earth you’re going to keep track of all these acronyms?!)

Deep breaths, gorgeous. I’ve got you.

When I was starting out with doTERRA, I remember feeling so overwhelmed by all of the new words and phrases I was learning.

Seriously, it was like I had moved to a new country … and they didn’t speak a word of English!  

(I did a lot of confused frowning – and Googling – in my early days, lemme tell you now.)

But the truth is that it’s all super easy to understand once you have somebody to help you wrap your head around it all.

Which is what I’m here for!

So grab a tea, remember to bookmark this page for later (because even geniuses like you can forget things sometimes) and dive in.

doTERRA lingo for users

AS - This means … Auto-Ship. 

This is your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order. You can set it up to be automatically shipped to you each month (yay!).

IO – This means … Internet Order. 

This is an order placed (by a Preferred Member or Wellness Advocate) online through your virtual office.

LRP – This means … Loyalty Rewards Program. 

One of my faves, this acronym represents pure happiness! This program allows you to collect free product credits that you can swap for cash to buy doTERRA products. How? Easy – just submit your monthly purchase and you’ll automatically get credits. And the longer you participate, the more you can earn! How does 30% of your total monthly Loyalty Rewards purchases sound?

POM – This means … Product of the Month. 

The star of the month, this product is connected to a special promotion available to those with an LRP order of at least 125 PV. Speaking of which …

PV – This means Personal Volume.

This is a unique currency separate from dollar value that doTERRA uses to track your product sales. A PV amount is assigned to each product and, in many cases, will match the wholesale value. This isn’t always the case though, and some products (like the Family Physician Kit) will have a lower PV than wholesale value. Keep in mind that since shipping costs and tax don’t count towards PV, your order amount will typically be higher than the PV amount.

SRP – This means Shipping Rewards Points. 

Yay – more rewards! With this program, you can collect free product credits to put towards future orders. You can do this one of three ways: 1. Place an online order to earn 50% of your shipping cost in SRP points. 2. Place an LRP order through Member Services to earn 50% of your shipping cost in SRP points. 3. Or, the best value, place an LRP order online to earn 100% of your shipping cost back in SRP points.

Product Credits – This means, well, Product Credits.

Not every doTERRA-specific word has an acronym (thankfully!) So, what are they? More rewards, of course! Product Credits are non-cash redeemable points that can be used to purchase company designated products. You can earn Product Credits in your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), and at the discretion of doTERRA. It’s a little different from other rewards systems though, in that your PV or OV isn’t connected with your Product Credits at all.

Will Call - This means Will Call.

My fellow introverts can relax; this doesn’t mean somebody will be calling you! Instead, this refers to the warehouse you’ll pick up your order from (instead of having it shipped to you).  

WA – This means Wellness Advocate. 

This is a clever human that’s making the most out of their dōTERRA membership and accessing reward points, shipping points and commissions through the partnership program.

WC – This means Wholesale Customer. 

This is somebody who gets access to wholesale prices but doesn’t actively share or sell dōTERRA products. WC’s don’t have access to reward points or commissions and cannot enrol others under their ‘tree’.

doTERRA lingo for wellness advocates

Active – This means a Wellness Advocate who has bought doTERRA products within the last six months.

Builder – This means a Wellness Advocate who is building their own doTERRA business by enrolling new WA’s.

Business Opportunity – This is doTERRA’s term for a compensation plan. Sounds better, right?

Crossline – This means a kindred spirit in the form of a fellow Wellness Advocate. They’re just on a different team than you are.

Downline – This is a term doTERRA uses to describe the team or organisation a WA has enrolled under.  

Duplication – This is a nifty system you can use and replicate to build your business. It involves a set plan that proactively educates your team and empowers them to teach others too.

Enrollee – This is a Wellness Advocate who was enrolled by an Enroller. More on that in a micro-second.

Enroller – This is somebody that enrols others as a WA. Being an Enroller qualifies you for ranks and Fast Start bonuses in the compensation plan. You’ll also be able to choose a new Wellness Advocate’s Sponsor (including you!) within their organisation.

Fast Start – Just when you thought we were done with bonuses, nope, there’s more. This one is earned by a Wellness Advocate, regardless of rank, by enrolling people in doTERRA. You’ll get this bonus paid weekly on the PV from the orders your new WA places in their first 60 days. To get started, you’ll need a Loyalty Rewards order with at least 100 PV.   

Follow up – This is when you check back in with somebody you’ve connected with on behalf of doTERRA. You’ll want to make sure they’ve had a positive experience with the sample you offered, as well as provide more information when needed. You can do this via email, text, phone or even a personal visit.  

Frontline – This is the flip side of downline and refers to the people underneath you in your organisation.

Inactive – This is a sad face emoji word used to describe an account that hasn’t placed an order or earned commissions for six months.

Leader – This is you! doTERRA considers leaders to be anybody, irrespective of rank, who is mentoring, training and helping their team develop.

Leg Requirements – Nope, not squats. (Phew.) This is the rank that each WA must reach to become a qualified leg. More on legs soon.

OV - This is Organisational Volume, which refers to your team’s overall volume. It’s your volume plus the volume of your entire downline. Keep an eyeball or two on this, as it’ll determine whether you qualify for bonuses and rank advancements.  

Po3 – This is the Power of 3 Bonus, a part of the doTERRA compensation plan. It’s paid monthly and helps you build your structure and qualify for future ranks. You can get bonuses of $50, $250, or $1500, depending on your structure and team volume.

Qualifying Legs – These are personally enrolled Wellness Advocates on your team that help you reach a certain rank by meeting set leg requirements.

Ranks – This refers to your level or designation within the company. Earned and determined each month, they go from Consultant to Double Presidential Diamond.

Sharer – A real carer! This is somebody who uses and actively shares doTERRA products with others.

Sponsor – This is a Wellness Advocate who has another Wellness Advocate placed directly underneath him or her in their organisation.

Structuring/Placements – This is how you choose to structure new people that you enrol. You can pop them on your team directly under you or choose to place them under somebody else in your team.

Suspended – This is the term doTERRA uses when an account holder has signed a termination form, or a term used during account transfers before an individual can sign up again.

Terminated – This is an account that has been inactive for 13+ months. When this happens, the account will disappear from the organisation and the downline will shimmy up.

Upline – When you enrol a WA or Preferred Member and place them in your downline, you’ll then become their direct upline.

User – This is someone who uses doTERRA products for personal use.

And you’re all caught up!

Head feeling happily full? Take a break and explore the Wellness Advocate program or go ahead and add some products to your shopping cart! You deserve it.

Jo Kendall