Travel Essentials. The Non Negotiable Insiders Guide For You

We’ve put together a comprehensive list for you on what we feel are the non-negotiable essential oils are for travelling!

We know that travel, while exciting can also cause stress, even inadvertently without you knowing. Simply being out of your environment, being around a-lot of people, exposure to bugs + viruses and the likes at airports, eating different foods and so much more. And this is where our essential oils come in to keep you feeling healthy, happy, calm, balanced and full of vitality -mind, body + soul.

So, here is our list of must have essential oils for travel complied from many miles covered.

First up, we have Frankie - this is an obvious one isn’t it ;)
is grounding, calming and an all round emotional + physical support. We also like to add to our face moisturiser to help keep our skin feeling beautiful, fresh and dewy while away and sniff it straight from the bottle - because, well . . . CALM!

Balance - this magic blend of trees assists you in keeping your feet on the ground, being around lots of people can be ungrounding, so this blend is perfect for this and any potential bouts of social anxiety or the likes.

IceBlue - helps ease any tension in your body that being seated on a plane or in a car for too long may cause. And this is also a little bit heavenly rubbed into sore feet at the end of a long day.

OnGuard - our protective warrior against environmental threats - like nasty bugs and viruses, as well as protective to your energy. As already mentioned, being around so many people can be overwhelming to one’s nervous system, you know!! (introverts unite, at home, alone.)

Lavender - so you can be sleeping beauty. Sleeping in a different place/bed away from home can sometimes be challenging, especially for the sensitive! So apply Frank + Lavender to your feet, roll on your temples and diffuse to help promote a beautiful, deep sleep.

DigestZen - We would not leave home without this, let alone travel. So have this on hand to support your digestion while away (and possibly eating foods you don’t always eat at home) this blend helps keep your tummy in check and feeling great. It can also be used for any motion sickness while travelling!

Peppermint - here’s a great tip for those of you sensitive to synthetic smells and have trouble in taxis and Ubers with air fresheners in them. Just keep a bottle of peppermint on you, and smell directly from the bottle during the car trip - it will help keep your head clear and unaffected from the fragrance. (Peppermint beadlets can help with this too.) Plus, peppermint is perfect to sniff around that 3pm slump to help keep you going, and feel alert and focused.

So there you have it. Add these oils to your next monthly wellness box ready for your travels.

WomanKind X x ✈️

Jo Kendall