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Emotions + Essential Oils Masterclass

Armidale NSW

Join founder Jo Kendall as she shares from both a professional and personal standpoint how essential oils support your emotional wellbeing.
With over 15+ years as a Social Worker, Coach and Mentor - Jo has worked with many people from varying backgrounds all over the world. When she first discovered essential oils, Jo was genuinely floored by their innate therapeutic qualities and to be honest - she still am! They haven't lost their shine, that's for sure. Quite the opposite, they are something very, very special.
In this masterclass Jo will walk you through how to make powerful personal change that is lasting, sustainable and backed with authenticity and love.
This will all be broken down in to easily digestable steps making them seamless for you to understand and implement straight away.
And Jo will be sharing the collection of oils that she personally uses for herself as well as the ones she uses within her private practice.
And we will each be making a personalised aromatic roller ball that you can take home and start to use straight away as a tool for emotional wellness.

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A relaxed masterclass sharing simple + practical ways to easily integrate essential oils into your everyday life for natural solutions for you and your loved ones.
We'll cover how to use oils for ---

Emotional wellbeing
Mental health
Chemical free cleaning
Digestion + gut issues
Immunity and illness prevention
Sleep and stress
Spiritual development
Skin clarity + vibrance
Inflammatory conditions

This will all be done with a cup of tea and some essential oil infused morning tea (hello delicious bliss balls - i'm looking at you!)
You will have an opportunity to purchase oils and at wholesale prices, giving you more bang for your buck.
And everyone will leave with a beautiful essential oil roller that you can use straight away and benefit from.

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The kind philosophy

The Philosophy: Softening the edges, Leading with kindness, Bringing light to the darkness.

This is a collective. A community. A space and place for us to gather, meet, share and delight in life together.

The Kind Philosophy brings together all of founder Jo Kendalls loves and passions; Connection + communication, mentoring, essential oils, natural living, human design, mind body soul connection and so much more. This is about softening the edges, so we can all lean in to more of life, more real, more messy, more acceptance of self and others, more laughter, more tears, more tears through laughter, more love and you being more you than ever before. More of what matters.