WomanKind is built on a sense of community with people who have found an appreciation for slowing down, tuning in, softening the edges and taking the path less followed. At the core of this community is our amazing leaders who enjoy sharing their passion for living a mindful + purposeful life and helping others discover ultimate wellness and happiness and live a life on their own terms.


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What is WomanKind all about?

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We’re a tribe of women making a difference; we’re everyday women shaking up old paradigms and rising together to make this world a better place.

We are passionate about creating mentally happy and physically healthy homes all over the world.

With this collaborative business, you have a sacred opportunity to do things differently; a way that is more YOU.

WomanKind Tribe is a sisterhood that consciously chooses doTERRA as its partner


Meet Jo Kendall

Meet WomanKind Founder + Blue Diamond Leader - Jo Kendall

Jo says It’s pretty simple – She created WomanKind to help people live with more peace, ease, freedom and grace. Life isn’t always easy but with a community that genuinely cares and loves, it makes it a whole lot easier. Essential Oils have been in Jo’s life for a long time and they have helped her build meaningful connections with both herself and all those around her. Jo is on a mission to to share this gift with as many people as she possibly can and help all those that partner with her in business to be at the very top.

Through her doTERRA business, Jo has created this community and she hand on heart will tell you that this is one of her greatest achievements. WomanKind is over 10,000 people strong, a community where love is the bottom line.

For Jo to be where she is now, for WomanKind to be the community it is, Jo had to find her own way and go against the grain. She had to risk going against top leaders and influential people to whom she loved and held dear - and still very much does. One of her biggest fears was not fitting in and not being accepted. She didn’t want to upset anyone, for a chronic people pleaser, this felt big. It is a primal human need to want to feel accepted and part of the fold. As the ever incredible Brene Brown talks about, there is a difference between fitting in and belonging and Jo had to go about belonging to herself, and it is through being in communion with ourself that we can be truly be in community.

Everything Jo does, she does in her own way. She is always that girl who does the awkward fish or Chandler sex face in the photo. Finding her way sometimes has felt isolating and lonely, but she know’s it's the only way for her to continue to do things in the world, in the way that she knows that they can be done.

Jo loves that the ethos at WomanKind is not about growing a business by pushing harder every day. She doesn't believe in running a business where you have to be somewhere if your body, mind or soul needs something else. She doesn't believe in having a business where you have to show up somewhere and force yourself to do things if it doesn't intuitively feel right.

Jo believes in growing a business that is personalised, that is highly tailored, that is life changing.

One that brings more rest and more freedom and more time with your family and more time for nourishment as well as the abundance to be able to serve and change the world in the way that feels right for you and that follows your own rhythms.

The women in WomanKind are proudly learning to follow their own rhythms as they grow their businesses. And Jo unabashedly says this is one of the greatest things she’s ever seen and it's funny to her because whilst she does not consider herself a conventional person yet, she does not think of herself as a rebel either, yet she has never felt more on purpose with the way that she bucks the trends, so when someone asks her what she does for a living, it's really hard to answer.

By now you will be seeing that it is the oils and oh so much more.

Jo says by day she runs a community called WomanKind and we sell and share essential oils partnered with the conscious and incredible doTERRA, and by night she is channelling all her social work experience, the abundance that she receives from this business, the leadership skills, and the humanitarianism that she holds in her in heart into a very sexy project called Heartbeat of Humanity, a profit for purpose, multiple project based social enterprise bringing light to the darkness. And being part of WomanKind means you are part of Heartbeat of Humanity too.

Everything Jo does is for humanitarian change and it's with every single piece that she has learned through being an award winning coach, a top performing social worker and a community builder. We're creating a longterm change that's making a difference in the world. If you are interested in being part of something that is so self sustainable, your life will be better just for doing even the smallest piece of it because you know that everything you do has got intention, has got rhythm, has got a piece to it that is giving back to someone else in need then you are in the right place.

If you're the type of person who has a capacity to love beyond yourself, who wants to embrace her feminine strength and her intuition and grow a business that brings a level of abundance, that is life changing, not only for yourself and for everyone around you. If you want to learn to grow a business where you follow your own rhythm and are part of something that is bringing light to the darkness all over the world, maybe we should talk. Give Jo a call, dial 1800 Jo for a good time ;) Kidding! Lol! Simply email Jo here.

And if you’d love to know more about Jo, head over to her personal website here.

Keep scrolling to learn about the support we provide and what you can expect when you join us.


What support will you get?

When you join WomanKind, you are held and guided from day one.

You will be given all the business tools you will need and you will be linked in with a myriad of resources including a comprehensive Welcome Book and so much more, so you never have to figure it out alone. In fact, in WomanKind we help you distill it to make it YOUR OWN.

CONNECT+ INVITE +CUSTOMISE + tailor = winning at life in your own lane

You create your own blueprint, we truly believe this is the way to not only lasting success but overall happiness and fulfilment as well.

There are monthly biz jams and mentoring calls for our leaders and q+a and wellness sessions for our beautiful essential oil users and lovers.

Leaders have the opportunity to mentor 1:1 with Jo and have access to incredible leaders in the field whom you otherwise would not.

This is a community, this is about us doing it together.

This is not the community to join if you want a one size fits all or business in a box. We’re all the sizes over here sister and we are completely out of the box, in the best ways! And let me tell you it is creating the most beautiful vibrational harmony and weaving of women doing their thing here on earth.

So, if you’re ready to get started and set up your own wellness account, head here.

If you’d like to chat more, come this way and let’s get that all tee’d up.

Love all of WomanKind x